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Runnin' Out Of Time
Written by Mic Fabus, Jan Hammer & Colin Hodgkinson
Lead Vocals by James Young

Help me, won't you help me deal with the madness they're putting me through
Help me, help me deal with the minds of the people I just can't relate to
I guess you might say I've seen the light cause I don't care what they think
I've got a brand new lease on life won't you help me find a better place to get
We're ...

Running out of time
You & me
Such a narrow mind
Can't they see
Leave it all behind
Come with me
We're running out of time

Tell me, won't you tell me what is the reason they do this to me
Give me, won't you please give me a clue that can help me see
What's going on in their little minds and what makes them say those dumb things
You know they scare me most every time so come on let's get the hell out of here We're ...

Running out of time...

Save me, save me
Take me to the promised land
Save me, save me, save me

City Slicker 1985 Atlantic Studio LP, Cassette, CD
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