Track Listing Time Release
Lights 4:41  
Why Me 3:56 Single
Babe 4:28 Single
Never Say Never 3:10  
Boat On the River 3:11 Single - Video
Borrowed Time 5:02 Single
First Time 4:26  
Eddie 4:17  
Love in the Midnight 5:22  
Album Release Label Cover Type Formats
Cornerstone 1979 A&M Studio LP, Cassette, CD
Year Chart Position
1979 Billboard 200 2
US Singles
Year Single Chart Position
1979 Babe Billboard Hot 100 1
1980 Borrowed Time Billboard Hot 100 63
1980 Why Me Billboard Hot 100 26
Worldwide Single
Year Single Chart Position
1980 Boat On The River Switzerland 1
1980 Boat On The River Germany 1


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