Pieces of Eight
Track Listing Time Release
Great White Hope 4:24  
I'm OK 5:44  
Sing For The Day 5:01 Single
The Message 1:08  
Lords of the Ring 4:35  
Blue Collar Man 4:07 Single - Video
Queen of Spades 5:41  
Renegade 4:17 Single
Pieces of Eight 4:44  
Aku-Aku 2:57  
Album Release Label Cover Type Formats
Pieces of Eight 1978 A&M Studio LP,Cassette, CD
Year Chart Position
1978 Pop Albums 6
Year Single Chart Position
1978 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Pop Singles 21
1979 Sing for the Day Pop Singles 41
1979 Renegade Pop Singles 16
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