Best of Styx
Track Listing Time Album
You Need Love 3:45 Styx II
Lady 2:57 Styx II
I'm Gonna Make You Feel It 2:23 Styx II
What Has Come Between Us 4:55 Styx I
Southern Woman 3:09 Man of Miracles
Rock & Roll Feeling 3:02 Man of Miracles
Winner Take All 3:06 Serpent Is Rising
Best Thing 3:14 Styx I
Witch Wolf 3:58 Serpent Is Rising
The Grove of Eglantine 4:59 Serpent Is Rising
Man of Miracles 4:56 Man of Miracles
Released 1977
Styx: Dennis Deyoung (vocals, keyboards, synthesizer); James Young (vocals, guitar, background vocals); John Curulewski (vocals, guitar, background vocals); Chuck Panozzo (bass, background vocals); John Panozzo (drums, percussion, background vocals).
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