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Aug 14, 1999 Itchycoo Park
Aug 21, 1999 Travel Day
Aug 25, 1999 Hi Everyone
Aug 27, 1999 And then there was Utah
Sep 02, 1999 Last night with Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sep 06, 1999 In 1997
Sep 07, 1999 Here's Something
Sep 08, 1999 September 8
Sep 10, 1999 Half My Life
Sep 17, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 07, 1999 We're BAAAAACK!!
Oct 10, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 11, 1999 Hi Stygians
Oct 22, 1999 Detroit
Oct 23, 1999 Pittsburgh
Oct 26, 1999 Hello My Fine Friends
Oct 29, 1999 Hello Styxfans
Oct 30, 1999 Hi Friends
Oct 31, 1999 Tallahasee
Nov 02, 1999 The Big Easy
Nov 03, 1999 New Orleans
Nov 06, 1999 Walter Payton
Nov 07, 1999 Tom Short
Nov 09, 1999 St. Louis
Nov 14, 1999 Anaheim
Nov 16, 1999 Wear Some Flowers...



Notes from STYX on the Road #23

Travel Day...

Hi everyone,

We just pulled in for the night, about 2/3 of the way to our destination after playing the Surf Ballroom last night in Clear Lake, Iowa. If you are not familiar with the name, it is the last place Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper played (on February 2, 1959) before their tragic deaths in a plane crash the next day.

It was an emotional experience for us all. I recommend a visit to the Surf if you get the chance. It has been lovingly preserved and features lots of memorabilia from these legends.

We hit the road right after the show last night and drove to Rapid City, South Dakota where we stopped at the airport and rented cars for a tour of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Mountain while the drivers caught a few hours' sleep. Once on board the buses again we continued heading west and about 30 minutes before the sun set, we ended up at the foot of Devil's Tower, which you would recognize from "Close Encounters..." I will upload photos when I get a bit more sleep. It was another magical day on the Brave New World tour which we will not soon forget.

See you soon!

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