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Aug 14, 1999 Itchycoo Park
Aug 21, 1999 Travel Day
Aug 25, 1999 Hi Everyone
Aug 27, 1999 And then there was Utah
Sep 02, 1999 Last night with Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sep 06, 1999 In 1997
Sep 07, 1999 Here's Something
Sep 08, 1999 September 8
Sep 10, 1999 Half My Life
Sep 17, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 07, 1999 We're BAAAAACK!!
Oct 10, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 11, 1999 Hi Stygians
Oct 22, 1999 Detroit
Oct 23, 1999 Pittsburgh
Oct 26, 1999 Hello My Fine Friends
Oct 29, 1999 Hello Styxfans
Oct 30, 1999 Hi Friends
Oct 31, 1999 Tallahasee
Nov 02, 1999 The Big Easy
Nov 03, 1999 New Orleans
Nov 06, 1999 Walter Payton
Nov 07, 1999 Tom Short
Nov 09, 1999 St. Louis
Nov 14, 1999 Anaheim
Nov 16, 1999 Wear Some Flowers...



Notes from STYX on the Road #34


Just got back from a brisk walk uptown and back, visiting my old neighborhood on the Upper West Side. You know, you move away from a place and 6 or 7 years later they change the place on you. The nerve of these people. Just because I moved I didn't want it to change! Oh well, I actually do like most of the improvements, although I miss the feeling that I could get mugged going across town on a quiet street. It took me years to get used to it and now it doesn't feel that way any more. ;-) I got together around lunchtime with some old friends and mostly listened, getting a good overview of life here in my absence. They seem to be getting on just fine without me. Dammit.

STYX 5.0 played here last night and it was the first time our record company president as well as our booking agent has seen us. We has a feeling they were going to be pleasantly surprised and they didn't let us down. There is renewed excitement in the camp these days with our commitment to reintroducing STYX to fans new and old all over the world.

Since we first appeared on the charts in the 70's so much has changed and even more importantly great changes are on the horizon. And now that we are on a long term mission, you can expect to see new and unique manifestations of STYX music and performances. I don't want to spoil the party so I won't say specifically what is up, but believe me there is reason to be excited. We are counting down the days to New Year's Eve, but that is certainly not where things grind to a halt. The year 2000 is coming, and we really want to spend it with you...

Until then, let's get the most out of what is left of this millennium!

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