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Aug 14, 1999 Itchycoo Park
Aug 21, 1999 Travel Day
Aug 25, 1999 Hi Everyone
Aug 27, 1999 And then there was Utah
Sep 02, 1999 Last night with Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sep 06, 1999 In 1997
Sep 07, 1999 Here's Something
Sep 08, 1999 September 8
Sep 10, 1999 Half My Life
Sep 17, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 07, 1999 We're BAAAAACK!!
Oct 10, 1999 Hello Friends
Oct 11, 1999 Hi Stygians
Oct 22, 1999 Detroit
Oct 23, 1999 Pittsburgh
Oct 26, 1999 Hello My Fine Friends
Oct 29, 1999 Hello Styxfans
Oct 30, 1999 Hi Friends
Oct 31, 1999 Tallahasee
Nov 02, 1999 The Big Easy
Nov 03, 1999 New Orleans
Nov 06, 1999 Walter Payton
Nov 07, 1999 Tom Short
Nov 09, 1999 St. Louis
Nov 14, 1999 Anaheim
Nov 16, 1999 Wear Some Flowers...



Notes from STYX on the Road #42

New Orleans...

Yes, we are still here, enjoying two days off after six shows in a row.

Yesterday Jeanne and I walked down Rue Royal and back up Bourbon Street, enjoying the unique atmosphere of this city which defies comparison to any other in the South. Since I personally used up all my partying tickets in the 70's and 80's, it was only natural to make our trip a daylight adventure, which is probably not what most folks think of doing in New Orleans. Frankly, the scene was very tourist oriented, akin to what you find when you visit Los Angeles and go straight to Hollywood Boulevard (keep in mind, we are somewhat jaded from all the traveling we have done over the years). A few cool photos, some tasty fried food and we had seen enough.

Today, we took a cab over to the Garden District, where we found a much more interesting world of antiques and specialty collectable shops. Vintage clothing, furniture, odds and ends of all types as well as some very interesting shopkeepers who were very into their work.

Our favorite store of all, and undoubtedly the neatest, was a store called "Bep's," run by a sweet German lady whom we assumed to be Bep. My first impression was just how impeccably organized and clean her store was, especially considering the large inventory she had on display. As we began to look around, we realized just what a remarkable store it was for someone like Jeanne and me. We both appreciate old bottles, tools, porcelain, etc. Bep knew each and every piece, and could tell us what country each one came from, whether it was recovered from dives or from digs, what century it came from, what it once contained, and so on.

Honestly, the most precious treasure we found was Bep. Her appreciation for these simple artifacts, tender loving care of her inventory and her willingness to share her knowledge with us was the best thing we found on our trip to the Garden District. (I collect black glass glob-top bottles from the 19th century--I just happened to buy one once when I arrived earlier than expected on a trip to Jack Blades' part of the world and stopped in Petaluma to kill an hour--and have accumulated a collection now) As we were just about ready to wrap up the things we had picked out, Bep took a little tube-like bottle from a locked cabinet and explained that it was a French perfume bottle from the late 1700s. I was not that interested until she explained to me the way old glass feels compared to new. I took it in my hands and began to feel its silky smoothness. It may sound silly, but there was a magical feeling in this glass bottle, and it now rests in bubble wrap in my suitcase, along with a great memory of our trip to New Orleans.

This tour has been magical in so many ways. As I look at the list of "Notes" here, I realize that I have only told you a fraction of the great experiences we have had. I don't know exactly how much tonnage the "Information Highway" is capable of handling, but I think the collective experience of The Brave New World Tour could most certainly exceed its weight limitations.

And we are nowhere near the end of the road!

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