Regeneration Vol 1 & 2
Volume 1
Track Listing Time Original Album
The Grand Illusion 4:05 Grand Illusion
Fooling Yourself
(Angry Young Man)
5:01 Grand Illusion
Lorelei 4:13 Equinox
Sing For The Day 5:41 Pieces of Eight
Crystal Ball 3:11 Crystal Ball
Come Sail Away 4:32 Grand Illusion
Difference In The World 4:58 Regeneration Vol 1
Volume 2
Track Listing Time Original Album
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) 4:05 Pieces of Eight
Miss America 5:01 Grand Illusion
Renegade 4:13 Pieces of Eight
Queen of Spades 5:41 Pieces of Eight
Boat On the River 3:11 Cornerstone
Too Much Time On My Hands 4:32 Paradise Theatre
Snowblind 4:58 Paradise Theatre
Coming of Age 2:07 Regeneration Vol 2
High Enough 2:07 Regeneration Vol 2

Styx: Tommy Shaw (vocals, guitar, background vocals); James Young (vocals, guitar, background vocals); Chuck Panozzo (bass, background vocals); Lawrence Gowan(vocals, keyboards, synthesizer); Ricky Phillips (bass, background vocals); Todd Sucherman(drums, percussion, background vocals).


Note: Regeneration 1 & 2 is the mass market release of Regeneration Vol 1 & Regeneration Vol 2 whiich was sold individually through Styx's website and at select concerts during the 2010-2011 touring season.

This release was available only through the Styx Lounge and at concert venues.

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