STYX: Notes from the Band
Date Title
Jun 03, 1996 NYC
Jun 05, 1996 VH-1
Jun 08, 1996 Pittsburgh
Jun 09, 1996 Philadelphia
Jun 12, 1996 Saratoga
Jun 18, 1996 Chicago
Jun 20, 1996 Boston
Jun 21, 1996 Cincinatti
Jun 24, 1996 Quebec City
Jun 26, 1996 Atlanta
Jun 27, 1996 More Atrlanta
Jun 28, 1996 Memphis
Jul 01, 1996 Atlanta
Jul 04, 1996 Little Rock
Jul 06, 1996 Houston
Jul 07, 1996 Biloxi
Jul 08, 1996 West Palm Beach
Jul 11, 1996 Hurricane Bertha
Jul 12, 1996 Raleigh
Jul 13, 1996 Virginia Beach
Jul 16, 1996 NYC
Jul 20, 1996 John Panozzo
Jul 21, 1996 Peoria
Jul 26, 1996 Oklahoma City
Jul 30, 1996 Kansas City
Aug 02, 1996 Denver
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 06, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 08, 1996 Reno
Aug 10, 1996 Pasa Robles
Aug 11, 1996 Portland
Aug 13, 1996 The Gorge
Aug 15, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 17, 1996 More LA
Aug 28, 1996 False End
Aug 30, 1996 Quebec
Sep 02, 1996 Chicgo
Sep 03, 1996 The Bears
Sep 04, 1996 Gone Fishin'
Sep 05, 1996 Birmingham
Sep 06, 1996 Pensacola
Sep 07, 1996 Orlando
Sep 09, 1996 Good Bye Florida
Sep 12, 1996 43 in LA
Sep 13, 1996 Allegan
Sep 14, 1996 Moline
Sep 15, 1996 Ames
Sep 19, 1996 Toledo
Sep 19, 1996 Todd's Band
Sep 20, 1996 Toledo
Sep 22, 1996 Chicago
Oct 06, 1996 Finally Home
Dec 15, 1996 Happy Holidays



Hurricane Bertha

Bye-Bye Bertha... STYX members spent their first few days off so far this tour in the quiet confines of a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Their tour-pale bodies were seen soaking up the sun and taking advantage of all the water related rentals they cold get their hands on. A steady watch of the weather channel added to the drama. Hurricane Bertha managed to produce some great waves for those who felt like boogie boarding. Tommy Shaw was seen eating some sea-water and having his trunks pulled down around his ankles by an 8 footer. "That was when I decided to take a break," he lamented. Matthew DeYoung and his girlfriend Megan who flew in from Chicago were inseparable from each other as well as the beach. Most all members of the party found it difficult to leave their cabanas even after hotel employees began removing all the beach tables and chairs that were tipping over or being whipped around by the rising tides. "Mother Nature is one powerful Mother" shouted Chuck Panozzo over the sound of the waves. After four days in this Oceanside paradise, STYX's winter white had become a bit more colorful and after a meeting of the minds, it was agreed that the tour would be extended. Now instead of ending around mid-August, it will continue through September. There were several great future projects discussed for the band (sorry, top secret for now), and when the meeting adjourned bandmembers and their mates rushed down to AMICI's for a bite and a chance to salute their manager and their promoter who had both come into town for the meeting. The limo driver gave them the guided tour, pointing out and identifying many of the multi-million dollar homes on the exclusive little isle including Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump's palatial private club. Okay boys, break's over! Now back to the tour!

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