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Jun 03, 1996 NYC
Jun 05, 1996 VH-1
Jun 08, 1996 Pittsburgh
Jun 09, 1996 Philadelphia
Jun 12, 1996 Saratoga
Jun 18, 1996 Chicago
Jun 20, 1996 Boston
Jun 21, 1996 Cincinatti
Jun 24, 1996 Quebec City
Jun 26, 1996 Atlanta
Jun 27, 1996 More Atrlanta
Jun 28, 1996 Memphis
Jul 01, 1996 Atlanta
Jul 04, 1996 Little Rock
Jul 06, 1996 Houston
Jul 07, 1996 Biloxi
Jul 08, 1996 West Palm Beach
Jul 11, 1996 Hurricane Bertha
Jul 12, 1996 Raleigh
Jul 13, 1996 Virginia Beach
Jul 16, 1996 NYC
Jul 20, 1996 John Panozzo
Jul 21, 1996 Peoria
Jul 26, 1996 Oklahoma City
Jul 30, 1996 Kansas City
Aug 02, 1996 Denver
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 06, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 08, 1996 Reno
Aug 10, 1996 Pasa Robles
Aug 11, 1996 Portland
Aug 13, 1996 The Gorge
Aug 15, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 17, 1996 More LA
Aug 28, 1996 False End
Aug 30, 1996 Quebec
Sep 02, 1996 Chicgo
Sep 03, 1996 The Bears
Sep 04, 1996 Gone Fishin'
Sep 05, 1996 Birmingham
Sep 06, 1996 Pensacola
Sep 07, 1996 Orlando
Sep 09, 1996 Good Bye Florida
Sep 12, 1996 43 in LA
Sep 13, 1996 Allegan
Sep 14, 1996 Moline
Sep 15, 1996 Ames
Sep 19, 1996 Toledo
Sep 19, 1996 Todd's Band
Sep 20, 1996 Toledo
Sep 22, 1996 Chicago
Oct 06, 1996 Finally Home
Dec 15, 1996 Happy Holidays



More LA

One more for the road... Hi, Tommy here...The Los Angeles segment of the tour is behind us now. None would argue that it was greatest visit imaginable. From two incredible nights at The Greek Theater and last night at Blockbuster Pavilion, just when we thought it could not get any better, something would come up and that expression of "WOW" could be seen all around the shop. Night two at The Greek turned out to be the big night for guests of the band, and the party afterward yielded as many smiling faces as the show out on stage. Legendary hoofer, Anne Miller was there as our guest with Anne Rutherford (Gone With The Wind), whom we had met in NYC in July. Angie Dickinson, Alan Parsons, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, Jeff and Kerri Conaway, Gary Wright, Jerry Goodman, Kelsey Grammer, songwriters Alan Rich, Eddie Wohlford, Steven McClintock, and Mark Mason all graced the scene out on the patio at the COOLEST place in LA to play. After those festivities, Ron Berkel invited the band and management out to the Harold Lloyd estate in Benedict Canyon. The 13 acre estate was built by the silent movie legend in 1927 and he lived there until he died in the 70's. The band got to tour the 45,000 sq. foot home and the beautifully landscaped gardens, complete with miniature children's brick house with thatched roof and adjacent carousel. Dennis Arfa, STYX's booking agent just kept shaking his head in amazement. I am not sure what happened, but during the course of these three shows, the band moved up another notch in the groove scale. It is funny, but even now, this is a band that has still not reached its full potential. For instance, Todd, on "Come Sail Away" seemed almost possessed as he thundered away. Dennis and I both looked at each other and then back at Todd. And this is a band that fuels itself. No way one guy is gonna have an exceptional night without at least one of us cruising in his draft, looking for an opportunity to pass him on the next turn. It has always been that way and is one of the things that makes us who we are... Now on to Phoenix, where tonight we are expecting well over 10,000 fans and in addition, Bob Meehan has almost 500 teenagers from Pathway, the teen recovery group located there. It looks like yet ANOTHER unforgettable evening. This tour has had SO many of those it would blow your mind. It is a wonder it hasn't gone to our heads. Well...

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