STYX: Notes from the Band
Date Title
Jun 03, 1996 NYC
Jun 05, 1996 VH-1
Jun 08, 1996 Pittsburgh
Jun 09, 1996 Philadelphia
Jun 12, 1996 Saratoga
Jun 18, 1996 Chicago
Jun 20, 1996 Boston
Jun 21, 1996 Cincinatti
Jun 24, 1996 Quebec City
Jun 26, 1996 Atlanta
Jun 27, 1996 More Atrlanta
Jun 28, 1996 Memphis
Jul 01, 1996 Atlanta
Jul 04, 1996 Little Rock
Jul 06, 1996 Houston
Jul 07, 1996 Biloxi
Jul 08, 1996 West Palm Beach
Jul 11, 1996 Hurricane Bertha
Jul 12, 1996 Raleigh
Jul 13, 1996 Virginia Beach
Jul 16, 1996 NYC
Jul 20, 1996 John Panozzo
Jul 21, 1996 Peoria
Jul 26, 1996 Oklahoma City
Jul 30, 1996 Kansas City
Aug 02, 1996 Denver
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 03, 1996 Vegas
Aug 06, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 08, 1996 Reno
Aug 10, 1996 Pasa Robles
Aug 11, 1996 Portland
Aug 13, 1996 The Gorge
Aug 15, 1996 Los Angeles
Aug 17, 1996 More LA
Aug 28, 1996 False End
Aug 30, 1996 Quebec
Sep 02, 1996 Chicgo
Sep 03, 1996 The Bears
Sep 04, 1996 Gone Fishin'
Sep 05, 1996 Birmingham
Sep 06, 1996 Pensacola
Sep 07, 1996 Orlando
Sep 09, 1996 Good Bye Florida
Sep 12, 1996 43 in LA
Sep 13, 1996 Allegan
Sep 14, 1996 Moline
Sep 15, 1996 Ames
Sep 19, 1996 Toledo
Sep 19, 1996 Todd's Band
Sep 20, 1996 Toledo
Sep 22, 1996 Chicago
Oct 06, 1996 Finally Home
Dec 15, 1996 Happy Holidays




Last night in Raleigh... "Welcome to 'The One Step Ahead of Hurricane Bertha' tour," Dennis announced as he greeted the thousands of fans who turned out to see STYX last night at Walnut Creek. It was true. Even as tourists on nearby outer islands were evacuating their hotels and beach houses for higher ground, the weather cleared and provided perhaps the most perfect, mild atmosphere so far on the tour. As the band prepared to start "Renegade", DeYoung shouted "Come closer!" Hundreds spilled forward from the back of the amphitheater and suddenly the already electric vibe shifted to ultra-party mode and it almost seemed as if STYX had taken on several hundred new band members. "They were singing as loud as we were," laughed Shaw, "and when I leaned over, people were strumming FOR me. I could have probably sat it out and let them finish the song!"

I Believe... As James Young introduced "Snowblind" last night, he seemed to be posessed by the spirit of a hell fire and brimstone minister gone manic. As he proceeded, the house lights dimmed and a strange red glow enveloped him. "I heard someone say they were scared," Dennis was overheard commenting in the dressing room later. "It was an inspired speech," Chuck agreed, "I don't know what came over him!"

For whom the bell tolls... This morning STYX members and support personnel opted to drive from Raleigh to Charlotte, happily avoiding another airport experience and also sidestepping any possible "Bertha" delays. Along the way someone suggested stopping at a rest stop. Standing in line at Burger King everyone noticed the Hunchback of Notre Dame toys at the counter. (B.T.W., Dennis' upcoming musical is NOT affiliated in any manner with the Disney animated film.) By the time those who had ordered their food got to their seats there was a spontaneous sideshow going on with various hand puppets. Dennis was all grins as he watched the Hunchback sing "Light Up" and "Suite Madame Blue". BK patrons must have thought the place had been over-run by escaped inmates from a local puppet asylum. Bubba the dog was eyeballing the hand puppet with other things in mind, like how chewy he looked

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